When People Invite Themselves Over

Is it just me?
I can’t stand when someone invites themselves or their children over to my house. I get it – I am a loner, some might say anti-social. I don’t send out a lot of invitations; but, really, if I wanted you to come over I would call or text you. My husband, son, and I enjoying being together, just the three of us. We like not having a schedule and we can each entertain ourselves yet be in the same room enjoying each other’s company. You or your kids needing something to do is not my problem. I do appreciate that you enjoy my company enough to want to come, but please be patient and let me want to invite you over. Every time you invite yourself over (or let your kid call my cell phone to invite himself over) it makes me less likely to answer your phone call or text and more likely to avoid you in public whenever possible.

Do you have this problem? How do you deal with it?

Note: I’m the non-confrontational type so interactions of this nature are very challenging.

17 thoughts on “When People Invite Themselves Over

  1. I’ve been in this situation once, it was my nosy neighbour and I just told them that they’re being a little intruding and I needed the lone time so I’d appreciate if they’ll leave me alone– and for a surprise there weren’t any misunderstandings. Now, it may not work everytime though 😛 I notice your post excerpt is the placeholder text, guess you’d wanna edit/remove that. 🙂 Also, welcome to the blogosphere!

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  2. That’s the worst! I find just simply explaining that I require some alone time is generally well received. Always remember that you don’t owe anybody an explanation! No, is an answer that requires nothing else.

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  3. I wish your neighbours don’t read this blog, 😛
    I think it’s really immature of them to intrude in your life. But a ‘polite no’ always helps, use your knowledge of expressing indirectly and I think your work’s done then 😉


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