A Paragon of Learning


As a mom, I can only hope to encourage certain core values which my child will absorb and exhibit as he becomes an adult.

Being a parent is hard. Realizing that every action and word is seen, heard and mocked or repeated is a lesson in humility. Adjusting your “ideals” (what you thought a good parent should be like) to your child’s personality requires a level of attention that is exhausting and exhilarating.

One of the things I hope for as a parent is that my child will be a paragon of learning. Yearning for knowledge is a value that can take anyone anywhere. There are so many ways to learn and so many people to learn from. Learning should instill confidence, help you make better decisions and understand yourself and others. Learning should inspire more learning, leading to a never-ending adventure.

One day, I hope one of the things my son will remember about me is that I encouraged him to always be learning.

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