I’m up too early…hypo-mania is here

The perfect storm happened yesterday.

My routine changed. This entire week is off the charts with changes from my norm.(Trigger)

I had unexpected social interaction yesterday. (Trigger)

I started feeling an intense need to be creative. (Symptom)

I do not feel content to sit and read, which is my “thing”. (Symptom)

For the last two mornings, I have woken in the middle of the night ready to get up and do something. The first night I was able to go back to sleep. Today, I just gave in and got up. (Symptom)

I can look back and see that for several days, I’ve been heading this way.

These are just a few examples of how I know when I have made the switch into hypo-mania. All at once, I feel excited about the extra energy and creative impulse and I feel worried about the inevitable drop. I haven’t been through this cycle in a while. Maybe almost a year. I try to maintain a very low-key existence, which allows my moods to remain stable. When the perfect storm of triggers happens, though, off I go.

Some of the people I interact with do not understand my need to remain low-key. That is a lifestyle I choose in order to be as stable as possible for my immediate family. It is the only way I know to prevent major mood changes.



5 thoughts on “I’m up too early…hypo-mania is here

  1. I *completely* relate to this post! My routine changed this past week (kids out of school) and just that alone is huge as far as how it affects me….and not in a good way!

    I haven’t had hypomania since 2013, but as soon as it happened, I took an emergency Seroquel that I had in my purse. I was at my first writers’ conference. It was a four-day-long event, and a huge deal – I almost canceled at the last minute due to terrror. I won a scholarship to attend it and felt obligated to go.

    I hadn’t been away from my family since my last hospitalization; ironically enough the hospital I had last stayed at was a mile away from the conference location. Anyway, I had become totally stimulated by all the social interaction/excitement. The Seroquel prevented full-blown mania.


  2. School breaks are the worst! Even though I only have one kid, it changes everything when he’s home all day.

    There will be several days in a row (before I realize that I’ve made the switch) that I will reach for the anti-anxiety emergency pills. It dawns on me after several days of this that reaching for those pills is an indicator that I’m manic. (I take an anti-psychotic and a mood stabilizer twice a day)

    I wish the social stimulation was not what it is. It’s quite discouraging when there’s something I really want to do that I know will set me off. It sucks to have to take pills just to be around people 😦 I also tend to get migraines along with the over-stimulation.

    How was the conference? Sounds exciting!

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