Inconvenient Ignorance: Watch Out!

Each morning and evening I walk the family dog for about 45 mins. I walk on the correct side of the road. I walk at the very edge of the road. I hold my dog on a short leash. In general, I follow the rules of sharing the road when there is no sidewalk available.

It fills me with rage when a car comes barreling in my direction and will not move slightly over to allow me a small but safe walking lane. Some even have the audacity to wave at me (as if thanking me for moving out of their way).  I end up jumping into someone’s yard to prevent me and my dog from possible injury. These blips in my otherwise peaceful (listening to my audio book, the dog happily sniffing out the trails of other animals) exercise make me want to take a baseball bat to their car!


3 thoughts on “Inconvenient Ignorance: Watch Out!

  1. I take my dog out for a walk every day, and we walk/hike for about an hour. I keep her on a short leash too. I have soooo many things happen that cause me to rage at clueless, self-absorbed cretins I’ll have to write a post it! 😉 I’m sorry you have to deal with these dorks!!

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