On the Bright Side: 2 walks a day

Since I went on a rant in The Inconvenience of Ignorance: Watch Out!, I decided I should do a companion series about the good side of the story.

Despite the inconsiderate people who make walking feel dangerous at times, I am so proud that I am out walking again. When I was in college (years ago), I walked back and forth to classes at a large university campus, as well as taking an hour walk before I ate dinner. For the last several years, I have not tried very hard to take a sufficient interest in exercise. Sure, I’ve started for a week or two, but I’ve done nothing that stuck.

A couple months ago, we gave in and picked out a rescue dog to bring home. It has certainly been an adjustment to a new routine; however, it forces me to get up and get walking. I remember watching Caesar on TV say that a well exercised dog is a well behaved dog. It’s so true. Walking gives her an outlet for all of her crazy puppy energy. Knowing that I have to provide that for her forces me to exercise. It gives the exercise a purpose that motivates me. There are still days when I’m a bit aggravated that I have to do it, but I look forward to dropping some unwanted pounds in the process! It still allows me to keep reading (my favorite thing to do) because I can listen to an audio book as I walk.


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