Staying Put

In the last 14 years, my husband and I have lived in at least 10 different houses in three different states. We are not military, but we do move because of his job. For the first 10 ten years, I felt like we were on a never-ending adventure. I enjoyed looking for the next best floor plan, walking path, commute time and nearby amenities. I enjoyed seeing my belongings set up in different ways, creating a new vibe with the same things.

When we found out I was pregnant with our first (and only) child, we decided it was time to get back to our roots. Both my husband and I grew up knowing and spending time with our grandparents and other family members, and we wanted to give our son the same connection with his. Thankfully, my husband was able to begin working at home, making it very convenient to live where we pleased.

After realizing that we’d been living within a 20 mile radius of the same state for 4 years, we figured it was time to buy instead of renting. A year into living in our purchased home, I began feeling antsy, wanting to start packing and heading to the next house. I panicked when I realized that wouldn’t be happening. We owned this home. It was in our best interest to stay in this home until we’d built up enough equity to move on to the next.

It took three years of living in this house to finally decide I was ready to stay put. I am relived that I do not have to pack up and move every year. We have worked hard to decorate and set this house up, and we have reached the point where we don’t need anything else. We can now focus on the experiences we can provide for our son, knowing that our “home base” will be waiting for us to return. Our safe place. Ours.

For me, four years is a long time to remain in the same city, much less the same house. Even before I was married, my family moved a lot. What has been your experience with moving? How long have you stayed in the same city or same house?

via Daily Prompt: Relieved

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