To Bottle or Not to Bottle?

So, I’m not a super girly girl. I mean, I do own makeup, I just prefer not to wear it. Right now, it’s so hot, just walking outside means breaking into a sweat, so why bother? Also, I don’t really leave the house that often, certainly not to go anywhere where makeup would be considered necessary. I don’t like having to wash it all off before I go to bed. I also feel like I don’t have the best skills when it comes to its application.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve bought my fair share of makeup and creams and potions. From the grocery store to Clinique to Mary Kay, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars over the years. I find that, like anything else I do, there is a waxing and waning to the number of bottles I wish to have taking up space in my bathroom cabinet. I will do a full-blown clean out and get rid of everything just to go out and buy all that and more to fill it back up. At the moment, I’m down to just one small pouch of basics.

I feel like I’m an oddball when it comes to this topic. I think there are many people who feel good when they wear makeup – they enjoy spending time putting themselves together and looking a certain way. Perhaps as a stay-at-home mom (of a kid in elementary school) who doesn’t really feel the need to socialize a lot, I just am not in the phase of my life where I care? Does anyone else wish that we could all just stop wearing makeup and ditch the bottles?

via Daily Prompt: Bottle

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