It’s nice to know

Being a “local” means I know


not to get stuck in a conversation with

knows everybody in town if I need an introduction

knows my family and who doesn’t, before I say anything bad about them


restaurant has the best service

school has the best teachers

places are still open after 9pm


to take which of the 4 different ways you could to get to a nearby destination

not to open the windows, lest I be suffocated by pollen/heat/mosquitoes

the best time is to go to the grocery store


all the traffic tie-ups are, so I can avoid them

the best yard sales are, so I can buy stuff early

not to buy a house, because I know the neighbors


going to certain events is a waste of time/money

this city just sucks you in, even when you said you’d never live here

you hope your kid will leave once in a while, just to see what other places are like


you might not appreciate this place as much as I do

if my family wasn’t from here, I’d never even know it existed

we get the best of both worlds: a small city and proximity to bigger ones with more to offer

via Daily Prompt: Local

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