Your chariot awaits

Last week, my husband and I played the “If we won the lottery, we would…” game. We don’t play the lottery much, a few dollars here and there once or twice a year, but we do enjoy thinking about what we could do with a few extra dollars.

Like many people in our world today, we have a little debt following us around. Despite attempting to plan for unexpected events, we still manage to have random things happen to our vehicles and house that lead to hefty repair bills. This year, the pool liner gave out. Last summer, the air conditioning unit quit. You probably know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, here’s what we decide every time we play this what-if game:

  1. pay off all debt
  2. pay off all debt of our parents and siblings
  3. buy any family member who is currently renting a home of their own
  4. give all of these people a cushion to rest on for the future

Those are the obvious ones, right?

My husband’s wish list:

  1. upgrade the bass boat
  2. buy his own hunting property
  3. maybe consider hiring someone to mow the lawn and clean the pool (but he says he really doesn’t mind doing it)

My wish list:

  1. feel free to buy more books
  2. consider eating sushi every night for dinner (I love sushi!)
  3. possibly go back to school without the fear of student loan debt

Family wish list:

  1. consider a few minor architectural changes to our current home, nothing outrageous.
  2. take a scuba diving vacation – we’ve started talking about doing this recently

Here’s the thing: We like to think we wouldn’t change much. We would stay in the same house, our son would go to the same school, we would drive the same cars, my husband would continue to work for the same company. We like the size of our very normal house. Until our cars give out, why would we need a new one (we buy used anyway)?

I’ve seen the news articles and heard about the TV show where the lottery winners have squandered all the money on ridiculous and outrageously expensive things. I hope if the wheel of fortune ever turned in our favor we wouldn’t give in to these frivolous spending temptations.

What are your top two wish list items, aside from paying off debt? Do you think it’s possible to remain free from the temptation of over-spending with so much money available?

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4 thoughts on “Your chariot awaits

  1. Loving the style of your writings, they are minimalistic,and very expressive, it is akin to a journal where you keep your daily life events, your deepest secrets from the world, yet you said you want to keep yourself as anonymous as possible on your post of your house, what a contradiction, haha. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!

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