Beyond Reason

My love of books began far earlier than I can even remember. It is one of my defining characteristics. I often wish I kept a list of or owned every book I’ve ever read. One of my biggest fantasies is to live in a library or book store or have one of those amazing library rooms like I see in large older homes on TV. l read almost anything, fiction or non-fiction. If fact, there have been times where I’ve borrowed text books, just for fun (I know…ridiculous…such a nerd). I love discovering a new author. When I meet someone in a bookstore or library, I always ask them what book they last read that was really great. Like a magnet, the force field between me and books is invisible, yet very strong.

Interestingly enough, as much as I fantasize about hoarding books, I do not actually keep them. I am close to being a minimalist, because I would rather read than clean, so anything that requires furniture to store it is carefully considered. Once I’ve finished a book, if I’ve bought it, I either pass it on to a friend or drop it off as a donation to my local library.

In the last year, I’ve learned about goodreads, and I’m a huge fan. I finally have a way to keep track of all the books I’m reading, as well as the ones I’ve yet to read – I absolutely love it! Before I head to the library, I pull up the catalog online and look up all the books on my to-read category of goodreads, so that I know which branch to visit and what books I will be able to bring home (or if I can borrow it as an eBook). It also allows me to link straight to Amazon, where I can put books I can’t find in the library on my Wish List.

Lately, I’ve been into 3 books at a time. I listen to an audio book while I walk the dog, I read a real paper book during the day and I read an eBook in bed.

Here are the 3 I’m reading right now:

audio: Skewed by Anne McAneny

paper: American Heiress by Daisy Goodwin

eBook: Fall of Giants by Ken Follett

The best book I’ve finished recently: A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

I’m very curious, what’s the best book you’ve read lately?

23 thoughts on “Beyond Reason

  1. Just finished Word By Word by Kory Stamper. The book is about how dictionaries are edited and published. She has a great sense of humor and I learned some great trivia on the etymology of certain words.


  2. The last book I read was The Watchmaker of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley, which is a mix of a bit of steampunk and alternate history. Interesting characters and nice plotting. If one is into that genre it’s an excellent read.


  3. I am the same way! I LOVE books and I LOVE to read…but, I don’t keep my books either. I’m what I call, MY version of minimalist. I just finished reading Marie Kondo’s book: “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” Great book! As I was reading your post, I was going to comment about Goodreads and then you mentioned it. I had a blast going down memory lane and adding the books I have read to it. Happy Reading! I’m going to share this to my “magnet” post today:


    • Wow! Thanks!
      I have actually read Marie Kondo’s book. It helped me know that I was doing something right, especially the part about getting rid of books! At some point, I finally decided that having some decoration wasn’t going to ruin my idea of keeping nothing, so I enjoyed going antiquing with my family for things that make us happy when we look at them; however, I can totally live without all of it, and that is the best part for me.

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  5. In all honesty all I’ve read in the past few years have been text books for various courses I’ve been on or parenting manuals because I know there’s a magic answer to make it really easy out there somewhere. But the last series I read that wasn’t a comic/graphic novel(I have a lot of them too) was the magic kingdom of landover series by Terry Brooks for about the millionth time, I remember being in my teens and finding the first book at my dad’s (Magic kingdom for sale, sold) and being totally hooked and flying through the series.


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  7. Hi! I’m as a reader as you are, I’m just a little of a book keeper. I own a lot of books that I’ve ever read, which makes me happier to see and be proud. I give them to people if they ask for any, because I want people to like books and not label them boring. Your experience is stunning!


  8. “Richard Nixon” by John Farrell.

    Am reading it right now and let me tell you, it’s an utterly fascinating look back in a tumultuous time of American history! And oh so eerily recognizable in today’s political landscape!

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