Time to go

Just like a snack can provide quick relief from hunger or some much-needed energy between meals, a weekend trip away from home can offer a welcome respite from the monotony of every day life and a way to quickly reset the brain.

Earlier this week in Let the good times roll!, I told you my son had been whisked away by his grandparents for a week’s vacation. It has been wonderful having my husband all to myself and not having to be on a schedule or fix lunches for day camp. We do, however, find it a bit strange to not have our son around the house and miss him dearly. This week, we have not been privy to all the latest news about electronics, the latest product he wants to save his money for, the best YouTube video of the week or stories about his day at camp. Although we have talked to him on the phone and received pictures of their adventures almost every day, we have not put our arms around our boy since last Sunday.

My husband’s parents have invited us to meet them at their vacation destination and spend the weekend letting our son and his cousin show us around and tell us about what they’ve been up to all week. My son is so excited that we’re going to join them today and told us on the phone last night about the list of places he wanted to show us.

Anxiety has already crept in about this change in routine and the extra social interaction that comes with a family trip, however, I know that a short adventure is good for me. It will force me to broaden my world for a few days and get out of my shell. It will provide an opportunity to create new memories with my son. It will briefly break up the list of chores that are required daily – no preparing meals, washing dishes, doing laundry or walking the dog (she goes to a wonderful place where she can run around with other dogs, free from a kennel).

Despite my anxiety (and the need for extra medication), I am glad for the interruption. I look forward to holding my husband’s hand and the two of us singing our favorite songs while we drive. I look forward to beautiful scenery and good food. Most of all, though, I can’t wait to see my son’s face and hold him in my arms.

I will also be relieved when we walk back into our home on Sunday evening!

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