Can we do it?

For the last year or so, my husband and I have been really starting to look at how to get out of revolving debt. We have been married over 10 years, and because we moved so often between different houses and different states, we started off using credit cards for a lot of things. Over ten years, that can add up to a lot of debt.

Four years ago, we bought a home, and we plan to stay here at least until our son goes to college (in 10 years). So, now, we have everything the way we want it, and nothing has to change for the foreseeable future. This year, we focused on playing the balance transfer game in order to consolidate some of our smaller credit cards on to a larger card with no interest for a year.

As we get closer to our goal of having no monthly credit card payments, we have started to look at tailoring our grocery budget to fit our need to pay off debt. Yes, we have been guilty of going out to eat for most meals of the week. It is a habit we have carried with us from the time we were dating. The first five years of our marriage, it was just me and him. We both had good jobs and plenty of discretionary income. We enjoyed good meals that neither of us had to cook or clean up. We spoiled ourselves, and it has taken us years to get back to the real world.

We have had the conversation for many years. We need to cook more at home. We need to stop eating out. Do you realize how long it actually takes to figure out what everybody wants to eat and then make the rounds to pick it all up? Long enough to cook and clean up a meal at home. It just requires a different kind of effort. Well, last week, we finally got there. I don’t know how long this will last, but I have worked with my husband and son to come up with a list of meals that we could eat every day of the week and enjoy, while not eating out at all.

Friends, this is HUGE! If this works for an extended period of time, we will be adding hundreds of dollars…that’s right…I said hundreds back into our monthly budget. We can use those extra dollars to help us reach our goal of paying off debt faster. We will no longer be wasting groceries – we will only be buying what’s on the meal plan (grocery list). Period. And we will eat it. All. And we will like it. $$$$$ And I might cry when we pass the sushi restaurant 🙂

Time Out

As with all good things overdone, I found myself needing a break from blogging for the last couple of days. I felt I’d started treating it like a job, and I began to think I needed to quit altogether, as I was putting way too much time and energy into what was supposed to be a hobby. I was really stressed about how to say everything in a way that would interest everyone. Don’t get me wrong, being interesting is part of the fun and creativity of blogging, and I enjoy the challenge, but I needed a time out, so I broke the tether.

While on hiatus, I managed to finally finish one of the two books I was reading. I was trying to read one book on my Kindle at night and the other during the day, but I found I was not enjoying splitting my focus, so I finished the shorter of the two (American Heiress) and got cozy with the second (Fall of Giants). Apparently, I’m in the mood for some fictional history this week! I am really enjoying all the different perspectives in Fall of Giants.

This morning, my son had to stay home from camp so I could take him to the doctor. He can’t seem to get rid of the strep he picked up from summer camp a couple weeks ago. Hopefully, he’ll start to feel better soon. He’s very rarely sick, so it’s tough to know he doesn’t feel well.

I’m currently watching the dog tear into a new stuffed cheeseburger toy. I guess I’m going to have to take her on her evening walk soon, but it is so hot that I don’t even want to go outside, much less walk for 40 mins.

Anyway, I’m going to give myself permission to not post every day, as a “good” blogger should, so if I don’t like the daily prompt, I might not have anything to say. I’ve been a little uninspired by some of the words lately, and I know my writing has been less interesting because of my lack of interest. Plus, I’ve not been creative enough so far to come up with something totally random on my own. A prompt helps me focus my thoughts.

Goodbye for now!


I’m the crazy girl who jumps out of bed each morning and makes a beeline to the Keurig to start my first of many cups of coffee. Phone in hand, I tap in my code while swiping left and right to see what’s been going on in the world while I slept. As I pass through each room, I cannot help but open up all the shutters on every window. It is, aside from making coffee, my most important task of the morning.

sunny room first thing in the morning makes my brain happy! I zip around between the kitchen and living room to set up my little stack of things to do: book, Kindle, laptop, phone. Coffee in hand, I sit in my favorite spot beside my little stack, and the day has begun!

“When sun shines, it not only brightens our day; it enlightens us, our soul, cleansing it of the gloominess that the night’s darkness had brought in” – Tista Ray



Your chariot awaits

Last week, my husband and I played the “If we won the lottery, we would…” game. We don’t play the lottery much, a few dollars here and there once or twice a year, but we do enjoy thinking about what we could do with a few extra dollars.

Like many people in our world today, we have a little debt following us around. Despite attempting to plan for unexpected events, we still manage to have random things happen to our vehicles and house that lead to hefty repair bills. This year, the pool liner gave out. Last summer, the air conditioning unit quit. You probably know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, here’s what we decide every time we play this what-if game:

  1. pay off all debt
  2. pay off all debt of our parents and siblings
  3. buy any family member who is currently renting a home of their own
  4. give all of these people a cushion to rest on for the future

Those are the obvious ones, right?

My husband’s wish list:

  1. upgrade the bass boat
  2. buy his own hunting property
  3. maybe consider hiring someone to mow the lawn and clean the pool (but he says he really doesn’t mind doing it)

My wish list:

  1. feel free to buy more books
  2. consider eating sushi every night for dinner (I love sushi!)
  3. possibly go back to school without the fear of student loan debt

Family wish list:

  1. consider a few minor architectural changes to our current home, nothing outrageous.
  2. take a scuba diving vacation – we’ve started talking about doing this recently

Here’s the thing: We like to think we wouldn’t change much. We would stay in the same house, our son would go to the same school, we would drive the same cars, my husband would continue to work for the same company. We like the size of our very normal house. Until our cars give out, why would we need a new one (we buy used anyway)?

I’ve seen the news articles and heard about the TV show where the lottery winners have squandered all the money on ridiculous and outrageously expensive things. I hope if the wheel of fortune ever turned in our favor we wouldn’t give in to these frivolous spending temptations.

What are your top two wish list items, aside from paying off debt? Do you think it’s possible to remain free from the temptation of over-spending with so much money available?

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It’s nice to know

Being a “local” means I know


not to get stuck in a conversation with

knows everybody in town if I need an introduction

knows my family and who doesn’t, before I say anything bad about them


restaurant has the best service

school has the best teachers

places are still open after 9pm


to take which of the 4 different ways you could to get to a nearby destination

not to open the windows, lest I be suffocated by pollen/heat/mosquitoes

the best time is to go to the grocery store


all the traffic tie-ups are, so I can avoid them

the best yard sales are, so I can buy stuff early

not to buy a house, because I know the neighbors


going to certain events is a waste of time/money

this city just sucks you in, even when you said you’d never live here

you hope your kid will leave once in a while, just to see what other places are like


you might not appreciate this place as much as I do

if my family wasn’t from here, I’d never even know it existed

we get the best of both worlds: a small city and proximity to bigger ones with more to offer

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Not again

I cringe when:

someone interrupts me while I’m reading or writing.

there are loud noises or bright lights

I see certain names on the caller ID

horror movie trailers are on TV

too many people talk at once in the same conversation

I lay down at night and know that I will need more medicine before my brain will go to sleep

someone I’m conversing with says the same thing over and over

I walk outside and it’s 90 degrees at 8 in the morning

the same kid asks me if he can come home with us after school every single day

I realize I’ve said too much




They’re all important

This word: Paper has really got me thinking. The longer I think about it, the more types of paper I can think of. There are so many pieces of paper that are important in my life.

Birth certificate

High School Diploma

College Degree

Marriage License

Life Insurance Policy


Each of these pieces of paper have their own story to tell.

There are pieces of paper that link us to our ancestors, and those that link us to future generations. There are pieces of paper that we only use in cases of emergency. There are pieces of paper which hold our child’s first handwriting. There are pieces of paper on which a picture has been developed, holding treasured memories. There are blank pieces of paper waiting in our journals to reveal how we are thinking and feeling in a particular moment. There are pieces of paper bound together which hold stories for our entertainment and facts for our education.

One of my favorite sets of paper are my husband’s adoption papers, for without them I may never have known him.

What piece of paper do you hold dear?